Understanding Coding And Modifiers Course

Medical billers do not need to know all the information required that a certified medical coder does, but a medical biller does need to understand medical coding. Most medical coding courses or classes are much too detailed for useful information for the medical biller. There is much about medical coding that a medical biller does need to know about a biller’s responsibility regarding coding, when they can change a code to correct a denied claim, how to change over to ICD 10 codes and when they can use modifiers. We’ve developed the product for those who need help understanding the coding aspect of medical billing.

We don’t try to teach you all the diagnosis and CPT codes. We simply show the student what a medical biller needs to know about these codes, how they can affect the billing process, how to understand them and how to look them up. The student will learn what to do when codes are rejected. Also covered are how modifiers, place of service codes and type of service codes affect the medical claims process and when E & M codes are used. Don’t waste your time and money taking an expensive medical coding course if you want to be a medical biller. “Understanding Coding and Modifiers” is exactly the coding knowledge required of a medical biller.

ICD9 Codes
Primary and secondary diagnosis
Multiple diagnoses
V Codes
E Codes
ICD10 Codes
Responsibility of the biller regarding ICD10 codes
Transition from ICD9 to ICD10
ICD9 Vs. ICD10
CPT Codes
Medical Necessity
Categories of CPT Codes
CPT Symbols
Temporary Codes
Dental Codes
Place of Service Codes
Type of Service Codes
E & M Codes
Alice Scott & Michele Redmond

Course Tuition: $129

Understanding Coding And Modifiers