CMS Open Payments (the Sunshine Act)

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7 Days Remain to Review Your Data Before it Goes Public
What does it mean and whom does it affect?
If you are a billing service, you may have received this on behalf of your providers.
As of the end of September, 2014, CMS will make public monies received by physicians and hospitals from manufacturers and group purchasing organizations. As an example; an orthopedist uses just one manufacturer’s prosthetic for hip replacements. The orthopedist has convinced the purchasing department of the hospital to only purchase from this one company. The manufacturer has paid the orthopedist a sum of money for making this arrangement. This will now be made public. An ophthalmologist writes a paper about a new technique for cataract surgery mentioning a certain manufacturer. Previously, the surgeon had to state that a payment had been made by the manufacturer. Now, this information will be made public for anyone including the amount paid for the endorsement.
CMS has given all entities that will be affected by this new disclosure until September 11,2014 to review the information before it is released.
For more detailed information, check out the Open Payments User Guide
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