Operating A Medical Billing Business Course

The medical billing business is a great business opportunity. This course offers the student the chance to explore all the various steps in setting up a medical billing business. No matter what business you are starting it is important to get a good solid business foundation by preparing for your new endeavor. There are many aspects of running a medical billing business that need to be considered when getting started. This course covers all of the most common questions we are asked by people who are considering starting out in this field. There are a broad range of topics that must be considered.

Setting up your business
Naming the business
Legal structure
Permits and licenses
Tax issues
Accounting methods
Business expenses
E & O Insurance
Hiring employees
Purchasing a practice management system
Web based and server based practice management systems
Choosing a clearinghouse
Necessary equipment
Writing a contract
Writing a compliance plan
Pricing your business
Percentage billing vs. flat fee or per claim
Marketing your business
Designing a business plan
Sample business plan
Alice Scott & Michele Redmond

Course Tuition: $129

Operating A Medical Billing Business