Marketing A Medical Billing Business Course

Marketing a medical billing business is a vital part of getting the business started. The billing service owner needs to find effective ways to reach providers for the opportunity to present what they can offer. This course offers valuable information on why providers hire a billing service so the business owner knows how to approach the provider. We offer many exciting marketing strategies to attract business. Also included are samples of marketing letters, scripts and other marketing materials. We teach the student the importance of goal setting and building a marketing plan.

Building a marketing program
Costs involved in marketing
Why providers hire a billing service
How to reach the decision maker
Overcoming resistance from a provider
Setting yourself apart from the competition
Researching the market in your area
Dealing with rejection
12 Effective marketing techniques and how to use them
8 “Out of the Box” New marketing strategies
Sample telephone scripts and marketing letters
Ideas for brochures and business cards
Writing an effective sales letter
Role playing situations and questions
Goal setting
Making a goals list
Achieving your goals
Alice Scott & Michele Redmond

Course Tuition: $129

Marketing A Medical Billing Business