Life Cycle Of A Health Insurance Claim Course

Life Cycle of a Health Insurance Claim introduces the student to all of the steps involved in processing of an insurance claim. The new CMS-1500 claim form (rev-02-12) for professional claims and its requirements are covered. The student will learn various requirements needed to complete the new CMS-1500 form and how they affect payments. Included in this course are NPI numbers, modifier placement, and secondary insurance information. Also covered is medical terminology relating to the submission and payment of insurance claims. The student is walked through the entire process of an health insurance claim from the gathering of information for the claim to insuring full payment from all parties involved for the service. Also covered are the tracking of the claims process and the rules of various insurance carriers for timely filing of insurance claims.

Gathering information for the insurance claim
Completing the CMS 1500 (02-12) Box by Box
Submitting the claim to the insurance carrier
Electronic claims
Paper claims
Reducing delays in processing claims
Posting payments
Tracking the insurance claim
Working aging reports
Working clearinghouse reports
Using Insurance carrier websites for claim status
Calling insurance carriers
Automated phone systems for checking status
Handling remaining balances after insurance payment
Secondary and tertiary insurance claims
Timely filing rules
Patient Billing
Medical records
Electronic health records
Electronic Prescribing
Alice Scott & Michele Redmond

Course Tuition: $129

Life Cycle Of A Health Insurance Claim