Marketing your medical billing business can be the hardest part of succeeding in this industry.  Without clients you can’t stay in business.  But how do you get them when you are just starting out?  It’s a problem that has plagued many medical billing businesses and is the most common reason why most of the ones that don’t make it, fail.


So where do you start?  What do you do?  What really works?


Well, unfortunately these questions do not have simple answers.  What works for one doesn’t always work for others.  A method may work one time, but then not work again.  The important thing is that you have a plan.


1.   Determine how much money you have to spend on marketing

2.  Determine which methods of marketing you want to try that fit into your budget and your personality

3.  Decide what you are going to do and when you are going to do it  (it’s important to give yourself a time table for doing the marketing)

4.  Track your efforts

5.  Follow up


Marketing comes easier to some than to others.  If marketing is a struggle for you don’t get discouraged.  Break it down into small tasks and then it will not seem so hard.  It is also easier if you get a little help.  Connect with others that have already gone through this or are going through it now.


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