Many offices do not recognize the importance of including subscriber information on the claim form. They often will simply list the patient as the subscriber even if they are a dependent. This can cause many issues including outright denials of services. Some insurance carriers process the charges against the wrong patient when the patient is not listed correctly as a dependent. Others will deny stating that the information on the claim does not match the records. Excellus BCBS of Utica recently sent out a provider bulletin advising providers that effective 12/1/2014 they will begin rejecting any claim that does not have the proper subscriber information listed on the claim. Since we are in this area we know of many providers offices that will be affected. When patients come in for services, the information about who the insurance is through (the subscriber) should be obtained. The person’s name, subscriber id and date of birth are required on the claim form. Without this information providers may find that claims will be denied.


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