Billing Medicare, TRICARE And Medicaid Course

The Billing Medicare, Tricare and Medicaid course covers, in detail, insurance plans run by both federal and state governments. Medicare usually sets the standards for other insurance companies. This course will go into all four parts of Medicare (A, B, C & D) and explain requirements of Medicare billing. Also covered are the fundamentals of Medicaid insurance and TRICARE. While Medicaid is funded partially by the federal government it is run by the individual states. TRICARE covers those enrolled in the military and their families as well as retired military. Medicare participation, non-participation and opting-out are also explained. Government insurance plans such as Medicare, Tricare and Medicaid can be a little trickier than commercial insurance as there are different regulations. Medicare is extremely strict with the rules on submitting claims and the rules must be followed to insure proper payment. Fully understanding Medicare billing is extremely important in successfully submitting Medicare claims.

Medicare eligibility and enrollment
The Medicare ID card and ID number
Initial Enrollment Period
Special enrollment period
Deductibles and Copayment
Medicare Part A
Inpatient hospital benefits
Skilled nursing care facility
Continuous home care
Respite care
Medicare Part B
Covered screening services
Foreign travel
Deductibles and co-insurance
Participation and non-participation
Limiting charge
Clinical laboratory tests
Ambulance service
Hospital emergency room
HPSA – Health Professional Shortage Areas
Medicare secondary payer
Private contracts with providers
Medicare Advantage Plans
Medical Savings Account
Private fee for service plans
Medicare for people who are working
Medicare and COBRA
History of Medicaid
Requirements to receive federal funding for Medicaid
Nursing facilities
Covered outpatient drugs
Medicaid fee for service
Medicaid managed care
History of Tricare
Tricare Standard
Tricare Prime
US Family Health Plan
Tricare Reserve Select
Tricare Reserve Retired
Tricare for Life
Tricare Young Adult
Alice Scott & Michele Redmond

Course Tuition: $129

Billing Medicare, TRICARE And Medicaid